Monday, August 20, 2012

A pencil drawing....

So for my first post I decided on this one! It's one of my favorite drawings! I did this one when I was 9. I used a book that had different eyes and noses and stuff like that! For this one I looked at one of the eyes and drew them with a little twist of my own, and then I looked at the noses and the mouths and stuff like that.:) I usually start with the eyes and move on to the nose and then the mouth and so on... I don't just do portraits, I do all kinds of things like cartoons and different kinds of foods and stuff! :) And then I do painting!I do abstract painting and flowers and things like that! :) Then.... I do etch a sketch! :) I love those things! I like doing kitchens and things on the etch a sketch! Thanks for reading!
~Sadie Rose~


  1. You are such a great artist!!!!!!

    Follow my blog(:

  2. Thank you so much!!!! :D I'm happy you like it! :D Thanks for your comment!!