Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chalk Drawing

This one is made with chalk on our drive way! I'm not sure if you have seen Oliver and company (The movie) But that's the funny little dog in that movie! I did this one when I was 7! What I do, is I take a movie cover or a picture and set it in front of me and I draw it! :) I have a lot of fun doing it! You should try! You would love it! If you do it comment and tell me how it went! :) 
This is just a closer up photo of the same thing! :) I don't take art lessons, but my Mom just not to long ago bought me a video that gives you different techniques and things! I guess you could say it helps you become a better artist! :) 
Thanks for reading! And hope you enjoyed it!
~Sadie Rose~ 

Monday, August 20, 2012

A pencil drawing....

So for my first post I decided on this one! It's one of my favorite drawings! I did this one when I was 9. I used a book that had different eyes and noses and stuff like that! For this one I looked at one of the eyes and drew them with a little twist of my own, and then I looked at the noses and the mouths and stuff like that.:) I usually start with the eyes and move on to the nose and then the mouth and so on... I don't just do portraits, I do all kinds of things like cartoons and different kinds of foods and stuff! :) And then I do painting!I do abstract painting and flowers and things like that! :) Then.... I do etch a sketch! :) I love those things! I like doing kitchens and things on the etch a sketch! Thanks for reading!
~Sadie Rose~